The Dangers of Pornography



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Intro: As we embark upon our study today on The Dangers of Pornography, my heart is stirred as I consider the Importance and Necessity of bringing such a teaching; the simple fact is, that there is a “Secret Epidemic” in the Church of Jesus Christ today, and countless men ( Christian men) are being affected by it: it’s the secret sin of Pornography! A recent survey revealed that amongst “Church, going” men, that is, those who attend church regularly at least 3 times per month, a staggering 50% of them are “Addicted” to some form of pornography; and some 27% of those who are addicted will “Act Out” in some form of sexual sin, whether it be prostitution, adultery, homosexuality, and even worse avenues of deviation; sadly, pornography is a world,wide epidemic, with America as it’s leading producer and exporter, grossing over 20 “Billion” dollars annually (that’s more revenue than MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL combined)! But “Why” is pornography gaining so much ground amongst Christian men (and sometimes women)? Why are not pastors preaching against this sin and “warning” God’s people of the awful “results” of this trap? Why is the devil having so much success in this area and bringing so many believers into bondage? Why is pornography so “Addictive” and difficult to break free from? It is my intent today to attempt to answer some of these pressing questions and to clearly reveal the ONLY TRUE PATH TO VICTORY OVER PORNOGRAPHY!
Go to Proverbs 5:1,23; 6:20,35; 7:1,27

Some Preliminary Observations:

First, What “is” Pornography? The Greek word is PORNEIA; it literally means to Indulge Unlawful Lust, Debauchery, Fornication, Prostitution, Adultery, Homosexuality, etc; so pornography is “sexual sin” of any kind being “portrayed!” So pornography is not a magazine or video or computer screen, but it is the “act” that is being portrayed on such; Webster defines pornography as pictures, films, or writings, which “deliberately” arouse sexual excitement! It is Porno-Sexual Perversion, and Graphy-Graphically Portrayed! Second, We must realize that sex is a beautiful thing, and that God created us as sexual beings, and that God has “provided” for our sexual needs within the bonds of Holy Matrimony! It is only when we deviate from our Maker’s intended Provision and Guidelines that we expose ourselves to dangerous temptations. Thirdly, “Who” does Pornography Affect? Someone once said, “The sin of pornography is a victimless crime!” How sad, that anyone could actually believe that; Pornography has all kinds of victims! First, the women (and men) involved in creating it are damning their own souls; second, the purchasers and possessors of it are bringing themselves into bondage to sexual demons and incurring God’s Wrath upon their own souls; third, the “wives” of those who engage in pornography are affected as well; there was one man in our church in NY, who (it was revealed) had been forcing his wife to view pornographic videos “while” being intimate with her; she nearly ended up having a nervous breakdown, and within 6 months they ended up divorced; pornography will also cause a man to become “unattracted” to his wife sexually, because of the women he’s fantasizing about in his heart; then, worst of all, children are adversely affected by pornography; Dad will no longer be the Dad he’s supposed to be; we had one woman in our church in MA who had been repeatedly raped and sexually molested by her “own” father for 10 years! Her father, she confided in me, kept pornographic magazines under his bed and would attack her at night; don’t tell me pornography is a “victimless” crime! A young couple in our church in Colorado (whom I married and counseled) suffered from “soft-porn” when the wife began watching “soap operas” every afternoon; she confessed to me that one day when a handyman was doing some work on their apartment she ended up IN BED with him having sexual relations! Sadly, that couple divorced about a year later, Why? Because Pornography DESTROYED their marriage!!! I could go on but time would fail us. Fourthly, It’s “Availability” is Unprecedented in human history! One no longer has to go to a smut shop and purchase pornography, but simply go “online” or order “Adult” programming on the TV; it has become extremely “easy” and “convenient” to engage in pornography, but it must be realized, that viewing pornography usually leads to “acting-out” sexual fantasies, which can ultimately lead even to death!


Some Shocking Statistics:

  • Hollywood currently releases 12,000 pornographic movies per year, that’s more than 23 times the mainstream movie production.
  •  77% of online visitors to pornographic websites are male; their average age is 41, and they have an annual income of $62,000. 56% of them are married.
  • 87% of University students are having sex over webcams, cybersex. , 17% of all women struggle with porn addiction (my daughter’s roommate in Colorado).
  • one in three visitors to all porn sites are women.
  • 9 .4 million women access porn websites every month.
    A 2 % of surveyed married adults indicated that their partners use of porn made them feel insecure about their relationship.
  • 50% of Christian men (August 7, 2006) and 20% of Christian women are “addicted” to pornography.
  • 7% of families surveyed said pornography is a problem in their home and have no solution to the problem.
  • Recently, in a survey of over 500 Christian men at a men’s retreat, over 90% admitted that they were feeling “disconnected” from God because of lust, porn, and fantasy, gaining a foothold in their lives.


1) Realize that it’s Complex, and it’s Simple! To view it as a
“singular” issue is to Fail, yes, it is SIN, but SIN is not all that simple-that’s why it has power; we are a trichotemy, that’s body, soul, and spirit; and this SIN has roots in “all” 3 areas of Who we Are! We must Dig up ALL these roots in order to overcome it; Paul labeled it “The Mystery of Iniquity!” The “what” and “why” of Evil and it’s “mysterious” hold on us and the universe-why we are bent & crooked and “susceptible” to temptation; Listen now, the only True Cure for porn addiction is DEATH! The Flesh must be MORTIFIED! See Romans 8:8? 15

2) Realize that Porn Addiction is a “CHEMICAL DRUG ADDICTION!” This is a little understood Fact and an extremely Powerful Underlying Aspect, of “why” porn is so habit-forming and destructive to the Brain! *Scientists have only recently made an Incredible Discovery: The Visual Images of Pornography, combined with “Auto-Sexuality” provoke Instantaneous “releases” of a Powerful Neurotransmitter called Dopamine (along with other brain chemicals) that actually “wash” the Brain and “Alter” it’s Form over time! Dopamine is a hormone located in the mid-brain and is Directly linked to Adrenaline in the body; Listen now, these powerful chemicals are “released” into our system “every” time pornography is viewed and auto-sexuality occurs, bringing the “USER” into literal CHEMICAL DRUG ADDICTION TO PORNOGRAPHY! These “chemicals” Arouse the physical body, Affect the Heart, Lungs, Sex organs, and the Adrenal glands, provoking powerful feelings and arousal-a “chemical-driven” Sexual HIGH! After the “session” the ADDICT feels all the “withdrawal” symptoms, often feeling even sick to the stomach with disease-like shaking; just like “any” addiction, the CRAVING comes for MORE, bringing the victim into an ever downward spiral including more and more depraved and perverse sexual desires! Lust CANNOT be Satisfied! It always demands more until it KILLS: Body, Soul, and Spirit! Porn Addiction is a slow but Sure chemical death! These chemicals also “dull” the moral conscience, totally overriding this delicate area of our “Reasoning” erasing it! So porn addiction must be seen and treated just like any other chemical addiction because IT IS! It is the height of Selfishness and yet it is the height of Self-Hatred! This addiction is in reality a slow Suicide and hatred of Self! Here is a Key: if a person can begin to Love himself “AS” GOD LOVES HIM, then they can choose to Hate PORN and choose to Repent and Overcome it by Dying to Self and LIVING UNTO GOD by the POWER OF GOD’S SPIRIT WITHIN! Porn is enmity against God, it is Fornication, Adultery, homosexuality, and spiritual suicide! Porn addiction will introduce sickness, early aging, even death; porn compromises one’s immune system and affects the whole body and health of it’s victim; our emotional, spiritual, and physical immune systems are “all” affected by giving in to pornography; our “protective” walls are damaged, sexual demons are given entrance, our souls go Dark, we are destroyed by guilt and shame! See I Corinthians 6:9?20

3) Realize that Jesus says, “As a man THINKETH IN HIS HEART, SO IS HE!” Listen, Thinking, is DOING! Thinking Fantasy Lust is Doing the same! Temptation thoughts Must be “Denied” and Cast Down! When we Fail to Reject Evil thoughts we are Doing them! Thinking Produces Action! Only a small percentage of porn addicts actually “escape” eventually “Acting-Out” Sinful Acts Related to their “harmless” Fantasies! It all starts in the Heart of man; internet porn today includes every possible permutation of Evil acts and imagination invented by satan, every kind of deviation and perversion possible! So-called “Soft Porn” is only the introductory chapter to the “Hard Core” Porn Manual of Death! Beastiality, Homosexuality, Bondage & Discipline, Rape, Torture, and worst of all-Child Pornography are all available today-How Sad, to think of the Degradation of Adam’s Fallen Race! The one who engages in pornography effectively “Breaks” 6 of the 10 Commandments! See Exodus 20:1?5,7,8,12,14,17

4) Realize that the Bible Forbids Entrance Into Heaven For Those Who Choose a Life of Porn Addiction! Listen, the Sewer System of Pornography: Lust, Fornication, Adultery, Sodomy, Homosexuality, Fetishes, Perversions, Bestiality, Auto-Sexuality, Self-Abuses, Transgender Confusion, Incest, Molestation, Pedophilia,
Prostitution, Idolatry, Paganism, Sadism, Sado-Masochism, Bondage & Slavery, Rape, Violence, Torture, Mutilation,
Kidnapping, Abortion, Orgies, Uncleanesses, Nakedness, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Criminal Enterprises, Witchcraft, Sorcery, etc. Do Not be Deceived, Do Not Delay, For Those who AGREE with, and or DO THESE Things, Shall NOT ENTER Into the Kingdom of Heaven! See Revelation 22: 10? 15

5) Realize that NO HUMAN BEING can say that they CANNOT CHOOSE to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST! Listen now, Addiction is NOT A DISEASE, it is your personal, rational, moral, and spiritual CHOICE! No one is a VICTIM of their sin, they are Active, Willing, “Participants” in it! God has put the Choice to US! We either Choose LIFE, or we Choose DEATH! IF We Choose LIFE in HIM, HE Gives us the Power to Live For HIM! ALL MEN EVERYWHERE, are COMMANDED TO REPENT, and RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST! If a man Responds to this Command and Comes to Jesus Christ, the HOLY SPIRIT will ENABLE Us to Walk in Temperance (self-control) Denying Sin and Self, Loving our Dear Lord and Making Him Master of our Lives! See Galatians 2:20

6) Realize that You CANNOT have PORN WITHOUT HAVING DEMONS! Now, the Bible is Clear, that Disobedience and Sin OPENS the Door “Legally” to Demonization! Demons can only come by INVITATION! They will Stay, and make themselves at home, until they are Thrown out Legally! No man can say, “The devil Made me do it!” We must Crucify the Flesh, and Cast Out the demons, in “that” order! Anyone who says, “Christians Cannot Have Demons!” is WRONG! Christians CAN Have Demonic Attachments because Sin Gives Satan a Legal Foothold in one’s life; these “Sexual Demons” are called Incubus and Succubus; Incubus demons cause all forms of “Heterosexual” sins, while Succubus demons cause all forms of “Homosexual” sins; these are “Powerful” entities and usually require Biblical Deliverance through Our Lord Jesus Christ (see my course on Spiritual Warfare Training) See Luke 8:26,29

7) Realize that You are only as Sick as Your SECRETS! Humility is one of the most Powerful Life,Giving, Freedom,Giving GIFTS God has given us! PRIDE says “I Don’t have a Problem!” While Humility says “I Have this Problem and I Need Help!” The Bible makes it Clear, that When we Confess our Sins First to Our Father in
Heaven, and Then to one Another, We Will Find Liberation and Victory! The Roots of Porn Addiction are Deeply Planted in SECRECY! We need to find someone we can be “accountable” to and “confide” in and Pray with about our Weaknesses. See James 5: 13, 16

8) Realize that WORSHIP IS WARFARE! Oh yes Brethren, here is a Great Key to Success and Victory over Sexual Temptation: you must learn, In the Midst of your Struggle, your Failures, your Weakness, your Powerlessness, and your Sin, to WORSHIP YOUR SAVIOR and you GIVE HIM Power OVER YOUR HEART and LIFE! WARFARE is Done OUT LOUD! SINGING PRAISES AND WORSHIP, SPEAKING THE WORD OF GOD! Submitting your Will to God SO THAT you CAN RESIST the Devil! What kind of Music are you Bathing your spirit and brain in? Worship is WASHING, and the Porn Brain needs WASHING! By Worship and the Water of the WORD we are REWRITING the Damaged Memory Cores of our Brains! Listen, Porn Overwrites our Brains with Harmful Images and Damaging Memories Clouding our Faith with Guilt and Shame and Uncleanness; Porn Brain Renewal takes Time and Persistence, Real Effort in the Word, Taking your Stand, Walking In and Talking to The SPIRIT of GOD! Ephesians 5:3 says But Fornication (Fornication), and All Uncleanness, or Covetousness, iet it NOT be Once named among YOU, as Becometh Saints! Neither Filthiness, nor Foolish Talking, nor Jesting, which are Not convenient: but Rather Giving of Thanks (Worship); for this Ye KNOW, that NO WHOREMONGER, nor UNCLEAN PERSON, nor COVETOUS MAN, who IS an IDOLATER, Hath ANY INHERITANCE IN THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST AND OF GOD; let NO MAN DECIEVE YOU with Vain Words: for BECAUSE OF THESE THINGS COMETH THE WRATH OF GOD UPON THE CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE! Be NOT YE THEREFORE Partakers With Them! See Ephesians 5: 18?20

9) Realize that There is POWER IN COMMUNION! Regular Partaking of The LORD’S TABLE Will Produce PURITY OF HEART and LIFE! Be sure to carefully read I Corinthians 11 where we find Divine Instructions and Warnings concerning Proper Examination of Self and Repentance; the Lord’s Table is a Place of Transparency, a Place of Confession, a Place of Surrender and Commitment, a Place of Healing and Renewal, a Place where we Truly Come Clean with God and get All the Dross of Sin OUT! Communion is about Relationship! It is Fidelity or Betrayal Time! Communion is the Decision to AFFIRM your Covenant Relationship with Your Savior, “or” to Betray Him for 30 pieces of silver (Porn)! Remember Judas Kissed Jesus and Called Him Master, BUT HE DID NOT PARTAKE OF THE CUP AND BREAD, the Bible says HE WENT OUT AND IT WAS NIGHT! See I Cor 11:26?31

10) Realize that IT ALL STARTS WITH THE EYES! Jesus Himself said, “And if thine EYE offend thee, it is better to pluck it out, and Enter into Heaven with one EYE, rather than to enter into HELL having two EYES, where the FIRE is not quenched and their worm dieth not!” Brethren, we must Realize, that the Sin of Pornography “Always”
starts with the EYEGATE! I always say, “If you have something in your house that you CANNOT CONTROL, GET RID OF IT!!!” Whether it be a Computer, a Television, a VCR, DVD Player, etc. Practically speaking, this means NO INTERNET access if you have a struggle in this area! Listen, Satan will use ANY MEANS he can, to bring you into bondage, that’s why Paul said, “Neither Give PLACE to the Devil!” Someone said, “If you give the Devil an inch, he’ll take a mile!” Job said, “I have made a COVENANT WITH MINE EYES, WHY THEN SHOULD I LOOK UPON A MAID?” As God’s men we need to Make an Agreement with HIM, that we are NOT going to Expose our EYES to the Dangerous Temptations of Pornography! This is Exactly where the Greatest king of Israel got himself into All kinds of SIN TROUBLE! See II Samuel 11: 1?5

11) Realize that Pornography is an Attempt to Heal EMOTIONAL WOUNDS! Listen now, demons offer Porn as an “ANALGESIC” to Emotional Pain! When you are Hurting, Rejected, Wounded, Lonely, Despairing, Suffering from Tragedy or Loss, you can be SURE that demons will show up and Offer you INSTANT GRATIFICATION and PAIN RELIEF “Through” SIN! Do you understand how it is that people become Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, Porn Addicts? It’s because there is an Empty Hole, a Wounded Heart, an Emotional Pain, and the Devil comes along and offers a FALSE RELIEF through various Vices, but HE IS A LIAR! Because the Analgesic Covering of Porn ONLY MAKES THE PROBLEM WORSE!!! It brings SHAME, GUILT, INSECURITY, and Horrible Feelings of UNWORTHINESS! Rita Bennett wrote a wonderful Book entitled “How to Pray For INNER HEALING!” This is the Key, Emotional Wounds from our childhood and adolescence must be Healed Through FORGIVENESS! See Hebrews 12:11,17 

12) Realize that THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE KEY to Victory over Porn Temptation! Brethren, apart from GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT Not One of Us can have Victory Over Sexual Immorality! Listen, you MUST BE FILLED with the HOLY SPIRIT and Manifest the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT in order to Walk In Victory! Instead of Downloading Porn We Must be DOWNLOADING THE POWER of THE HOLY GHOST!!! Realize, that the Necessary POWER to LIVE A HOLY LIFE is FOR EVERY BELIEVER, and GOD’S WORD Instructs us to APPROPRIATE That POWER
EVERYDAY! That means it’s up to you and me to Utilize What Our Heavenly Father has ALREADY PROVIDED! See Zech 4:6, 7

13) Realize that FELLOWSHIP is NOT a 1 hour Church Service on Sunday Morning! It’s What Must Happen 7 Days a Week! Get Real!Who are You Eating With, Hanging With, Fellowshipping With? If You want to be ON FIRE FOR JESUS CHRIST, Jump Into a Blazing Fellowship of Believers who LOVE JESUS CHRIST and LOVE TO WORSHIP HIM! Cut OFF UNGODLY Fellowship, Bad Company Corrupts Good Character! We Need to Get Into God’s Kitchen and Feel the HEAT! Get Involved in a Home Group, a Bible Study Group, a Prayer Group, a Recovery Group, a Service Group, a SPIRIT-FILLED CHURCH!!! See II Corinthians 6: 14, 18

14) Realize that You CANNOT HAVE REAL ROMANCE, REAL MARITAL INTIMACY with Porn In Your Life! Listen Carefully now, Pornography will RUIN YOUR SEX LIFE WITH YOUR WIFE!!! You’ll begin LOSING Your DESIRE for Your WIFE if You are Looking at Pornography! Instead of Desiring to be Intimate with your Spouse, You will be FANTASIZING about the Women in the Porn Films! You Will LOSE Your SEX DRIVE for Your Wife and You Will Begin to try to Meet Your NEEDS OUTSIDE YOUR MARRIAGE! This is a Dangerous Place to Be In, for JUDGMENT will Surely Follow! Let’s Face it Men, the Women Portrayed in Pornography are NOT FAT & UGLY, they’re beautiful and young and voluptuous, and That is Why We MUST NOT ALLOW our AFFECTION to Wander Into Pornography! It will KILL Your Romance in Your Marriage, and That is something that WE MUST GUARD UNCEASINGLY! See Song of Solomon 7:1,13

15) Realize that Pornography is a DIRECT ATTACK ON CHILDREN! I’m not talking about Child Pornography, though that is indeed a Horrific Satanic Attack on Children; I’m saying that increasingly, our Precious Children are being Exposed via the Internet to Graphic Pornography! This can come at Home, the Library, a Harmless Sleepover, at School, or the Neighbors house; Wake Up Men! This is Seriously Damaging to Children and will AFFECT them for the rest of their Life! Another way this Secret Epidemic is Destroying Children is in the area of INCEST and
MOLESTATION and RAPE! Listen, Incest and Child Molesting can be Found Hidden in our Churches! This is one of Satan’s Strategies to Attach Homosexual Demons to Children’s Lives! The Most Fearful Condemnation and Divine Judgment is Reserved For All Those Who HARM CHILDREN! See Mark 9:42

16) Realize that You WILL BE EXPOSED If You Indulge In Pornography! Our GOD Promises to Discipline Every True Child of His! Chastisement is Inflicted Because God LOVES US, Not because He Wants to Hurt us; listen, Exposure, Shame, Guilt, and in some cases Destruction, Will Come to Those who Choose to Hide in the Darkness of Porn, and Refuse to Come Out Into the LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST! Humility, Confession, and True Repentance, Will Bring Healing, Deliverance, and Restoration! Be Sure that it’s Only a Matter of Time, Sin Can be HIDDEN for a Period, But Sin Will BURN YOU and Eventually DESTROY YOUR TESTIMONY FOR THE LORD! Once people in your life Find out You’re Viewing Porn They will NEVER LISTEN TO YOU AGAIN ABOUT JESUS! We Need TRANSPARENCY in our Christian Life! See Numbers 32:20,23 

17) Realize that PORN PRODUCES PASSIVITY! Oh yes, Pornography Will Always Produce Passivity in Your Christian Life!Listen now, Spiritual Living is PRACTICAL and Includes the PHYSICAL REALM! Paul Teaches that We Must Bring Our BODIES INTO SUBJECTION in Order to Run the RACE of the Disciple! The Passive Mind Produces the Passive Body, which Opens the Door to Demonic Control! Physical Exercise, Work, Service, Action, Produces Health in Body and Soul! We Must Discipline the physical Body with Proper Diet, Exercise, and Rest! The Couch (in front of the Hellevision), the Computer (in front of the Monitor), and the Magazine (with Inappropriate Images), are ENEMIES of Your SOUL! Porn is an INDOOR Sin, we need to Get Outdoors, Get Busy Serving Jesus, Gird up the Loins of Your MIND, and RUN THE RACE that is Set Before Us! Proper Nutrition is Essential! The Porn Addict is most Likely a “Junk Food Junkie!” and Careless about Diet, Exercise, and Health! See I Thessalonians 5: 16,24

18) Realize that THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT IS YOUR VICTORY!!! Now Here is Our Most Important Power Point! God Our Father Has Already GIVEN US EVERYTHING WE NEED FOR VICTORY IN HIS HOLY WORD!!! Men, You and I Need a POWER SOURCE “Outside” of OURSELVES in this Battle, and God Has Provided That For Us IN HIS WORD! We Need to HIT THE BOOK DAILY! If You Struggle with Porn You Need to Consume HUGE DOSES of the WORD OF GOD Day “AND” Night! Particularly at Night, before bedtime, Bury Your Nose In the Book, Cover Your MIND With the WORD, Bathe Your spirit In the Pure WATER OF THE WORD, and IT Will KEEP You and SANCTIFY You and PRESERVE You IN RIGHTEOUSNESS! It seems that Nighttime is the Devil’s Playground and We Need to be even More on Guard Afterdark; God’s Word is Our Greatest Weapon in this Battle! See I Thess 2:12,13; James 1:17,25 

19) Realize that We Must PUT ON THE NEW MAN DAILY! Now here is an Essential Ingredient of Our Warfare! The NEW MAN Must be PUT ON By the Believer Every Day, it’s NOT AUTOMATIC! Every Single one of Us takes TIME in the Morning to Get Dressed, to Put On Proper Clothing before we face the Day; Even So, We Must Take TIME to DRESS Ourselves SPIRITUALLY Before Starting our Day! This has to do with IDENTIFICATION and APPROPRIATION! Paul said “BUT PUT YE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND MAKE NOT PROVISION FOR THE FLESH TO FULFILL THE LUSTS THEREOF!” The WILL is Involved! See Ephesians 4:17-2 7; Colossians 3: 1-11

20) Realize that TRUE REPENTANCE IS REQUIRED! Do You Know Why Many Christian Men are In Bondage to Pornography Today? It’s Because They Want to Be! It’s Because They CHOOSE to Be! There MUST BE a WHOLE-HEARTED BIBLICAL CHANGE OF MIND & HEART about Pornography! We Must Cast Porn OFF For the Spiritual Arsenic that it IS! We Must, In Our Will, Choose to TURN AGAINST PORN and See it as the ENEMY OF JESUS CHRIST that it IS! We Cannot Be Complacent or Lethargic or Sluggish in Our Fight Against Porn, but We Must Be Active, Energetic, and RESOLVED that We are NOT going to be Partakers of the DARKNESS of Porn! We Must Come to the Point Where We SEE How Much Porn GRIEVES Our LORD and HURTS HIS HEART to See HIS Children Defeated by It! In Many Cases “FASTING” must Accompany PRAYER in order to see Complete Victory; Spiritual Warfare is also Necessary, but it All Begins with TRUE REPENTANCE From This Sin! The Greek
Word for Repent is “Met-an-eh-oh” which literally translates: a Decisive CHANGE in Your THINKING and Your WILL PRODUCING ACTION Which Causes You to TURN AND SUBMIT to JESUS CHRIST!!! It is When We Turn to Jesus Christ to the Extent that We FOCUS Our HEART on LOVING HIM and Being IN COMMUNION With HIM, that Sin will NO LONGER Have Power and Control Over Our Life! The Prodigal Son, Tired, Dirty, and Hungry in the Pig Pen, became Desperate, Made a Critical Decision, Got UP and Turned to Go Home-Humbly, just as he Was, He CAME To the ONE WHO HAD ALL HE NEEDED and WAS RECEIVED JOYFULLY!!!! See II Corinthians 7:8-11